Settings Dialog Box - Zip Program Tab

You can use the Zip Program tab to define the archive utility that compresses files when you copy files and their references with the SOLIDWORKS PDM Copy Tree command.

To open the Settings dialog box:

Double-click Settings or right-click Settings and select Open. Click the Zip Program tab.

Full path to the Zip program To change to another archive utility, click to browse to the program file.
Arguments to the Zip program Enter command-line parameters specific to the archive program.

Refer to the archive utility help for syntax.

SOLIDWORKS PDM parameters:

Sends the name of the archive entered in the Copy Tree command to the archive utility.


Inserts the path to the temporary text file when you select Store source file names in a temporary text file.

Store source file names in a temporary text file When using Pack and Go, stores the file names and the paths of all referenced files in a temporary text file.


WinZip® is the archive utility default. If it is not installed, you can download an evaluation version.
Use Default Resets to the default WinZip settings.