Distributing a Vault View

To distribute a vault view using Active Directory:

  1. Open the Control Panel and click System and Security > Administrative Tools > Active Directory Users and Computers.
  2. Create a security group or use an existing group.

    For example, name the group SWPDMUsers.

  3. Right-click the security group and click Properties.
  4. In the security group's Properties dialog box, on the Members tab, click Add and add the users to whom to deploy the vault view.
  5. Exit the Active Directory User and Computer's dialog box.
  6. In the Control Panel, click System and Security > Administrative Tools > Group Policy Management.
  7. In the Group Policy Management console, create a new group policy for the security group you created in steps 2 through 4.
  8. Expand Group Policy Objects in the forest and domain that contains the new group policy and select the group policy.
  9. In the right pane, on the Settings tab, right-click User Configuration and click Edit.
  10. In the Group Policy Management Editor, navigate to User Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates.
  11. Right-click and select Add/Remove Templates.
  12. In the Policy Templates dialog box:
    1. Click Add.
    2. On the SOLIDWORKS DVD, browse to \SWPDMClient\Support\Policies.
    3. Select PDMWorks Enterprise.ADM and click Open.
    4. When the policy is loaded, click Close.
      The SOLIDWORKS PDM Settings policy options appear under Administrative Templates > Classic Administrative Templates (ADM).
  13. Browse to the View Setup folder and double-click Automatic View Setup.
  14. In the Automatic View Setup Properties dialog box:
    1. Select Enabled.
    2. Click Show to list the views to install.
    3. In the Show Contents dialog box, click Add to add the vault view.
    4. In the Add Item dialog box, assign a name for the view to distribute. Recommendation: use the same name as the vault.
    5. Add the Vault ID to the item value field.
    6. Click OK three times.

    If multiple archive servers host the vault, see Distributing a Vault View in a WAN Environment.

  15. To announce the new view when the user logs in, SOLIDWORKS PDM must be started. To automate startup, browse to the Login Manager folder and enable the Start SOLIDWORKS PDM Login manager at Windows login policy.
  16. Exit the Group Policy Object Editor and Group Policy Management console.