File or Folder List

The file or folder list lets you view the vault root or files/subfolders in a folder.

File or Folder List

1 Current vault path Displays the current path of the file or folder list or the file detail view. You can click a folder name or vault root to change the path.
2 Search Lets you search from the current folder, subfolders, and all folders.
3 File action Lets you create a new folder, check in files, or check in file structure.
4 User menu Lets you:
  • Display the name of the logged in user.
  • Select the language.
  • Access the Web2 help.
  • Log out.
5 View area Displays the folder contents, search results, and file details.
6 Action Lets users with appropriate permissions modify vault contents and download files.

File Action

Create New Folder Creates a new subfolder in the current folder view or in the vault root.
Check In Files Checks in the files.
Check In File Structure Uploads the selected folder and checks in its files.
Check In File Structure functionality is supported on the large screen layout and the supported browsers are Google® Chrome, Mozilla® Firefox, and Microsoft® Edge. This functionality is not available for iOS or Android devices.


Change State Select a file, click Change State, and select the transition.

If you select multiple files for change state, you can select a state from Change All list or select the state for each file individually.

Check Out Lets you check out the selected files.
Download Lets you download a file or the file with its references.
Delete Lets you delete the selected file or folder.