Bill of Materials Tab - Named BOM

Use the Bill of Materials tab to view named BOMs. Named BOMs can be saved from computed BOMs and SOLIDWORKS BOMs.

To display a computed BOM:

In your local file vault, select a SOLIDWORKS assembly or drawing. On the Bill of Materials tab, for BOM, select a named BOM icon or SOLIDWORKS named BOM icon.


Information about the named BOM.

Bill of Materials The BOM type. Select a named BOM or SOLIDWORKS named BOM .
  BOM Version Version of Bill of Materials being viewed.


Information about the file associated with the named BOM.

Source (Read-only) The assembly or drawing that is associated with the named BOM.
Source version (Read-only) The version of the associated file.

The Update Source Version icon at the end of the text field appears as if a more recent version of the source file exists and you can update the named BOM data to match it.

The Update Source Version icon appears as if a named BOM is associated with the overwritten version of the source file.

If the icon appears as , the named BOM is based on the latest version of the source file.

Configuration (Read-only) The configuration of the associated file.


Save flyout Select Save to save the BOM, or Save As to save a new named BOM.
Open As CSV Opens the BOM in Excel as a comma-delimited file.
Switch View Toggles between the Bill of Materials view and the File view.
Search Search the BOM for a text string.
Compare Changes the Bill of Materials tab layout so that you can select a second BOM to compare.
Filter Opens the Filter dialog box, where you can specify the BOM content to display.
Position Numbers Opens the Position Numbers dialog box.
Position numbers cannot be added to SOLIDWORKS named BOMs.
Check Out  
Check In  

BOM Table Properties

A named BOM has the same column configuration as the BOM from which it is derived. These are the default BOM columns. Your administrator may have configured a BOM template with a different column display.

File Name The file name of the assembly component.
Configuration A configuration name in the assembly.
Part Number The part number defined in the component.
Qty The component quantity for this configuration.
State The state of the component file in SOLIDWORKS PDM.
Description The component description for the file.
Revision The revision number of the component file in SOLIDWORKS PDM.

Shortcut Menus

Shortcut menus in the BOM table make it easier to edit named BOMs.

Right-click a column heading to access commands you can use to modify the column layout.

Insert Lets you insert columns by choosing Column Right or Column Left.
Hide Column Hides the selected column.
Unhide Column Lists hidden columns and unhides the column you select.
Unhide All Unhides all hidden columns.
Update Column Displays the Update BOM dialog box, where you can modify the name, alignment, and default width of the selected column.
Delete Column Deletes a column that has been added to the BOM.

Added columns are identified by .

Right-click in the BOM list to select a file and display the following commands.

Browse to in a New Window Opens a new Explorer window with the file you select as the selected file in the top pane of the new window.
Browse to Changes the focus in the top section of the right pane to the selected file. If the selected file is a drawing or assembly, the BOM for the file is displayed.
Insert Inserts blank rows in the BOM:
  • Row Above inserts a row above the selected row, at the same level in the hierarchy.
  • Row Below inserts a row below the selected row, at the same level in the hierarchy.
  • Child Row inserts a row below the selected row, as a child to the selected row.
Copy Copies the selected row.
Paste If you copy a row, pastes it at the cursor location.
Delete Deletes the selected row.

Only available for rows you have added.

Hide Row Hides the selected row.
Unhide Row Lists hidden rows and unhides the row you select.
Unhide All Unhides all hidden rows.
For checked-in Named BOM, you can have other file commands that are based on your permissions and the customization of your file shortcut menu.
Change Thumbnail Preview Size Changes the size of thumbnail previews as Small, Medium, or Large. By default, Medium is selected.
When you select the size in one table, SOLIDWORKS PDM sets the same size in applicable tables and on tabs. The thumbnail previews for non-SOLIDWORKS files may not be clear when you select Medium or Large.