Rolling Back a File Structure

To roll back a file structure:

  1. In the History dialog box, select the event to roll back to and click Rollback.
  2. In the Rollback dialog box, select one of the following:
    • File selected for Rollback
    • File selected for Rollback and it's references
  3. Click Continue.
    The list of files appears based on the option you select in step 2.

    SOLIDWORKS PDM selects the parent file and the references that have same events as the referenced version to roll back.

    In the Rollback dialog box, you can select other references to roll back and the Rollback Point.

    SOLIDWORKS PDM selects Yes for Redirect parent references of the file to be rolled back to redirect the references.

  4. For Rollback Comments, type a comment.
  5. Click Continue.
    The list of the referencing or parent files for which the references are redirected or deleted appears.
  6. Click Continue to confirm the operation.
  7. Read and understand the warning, and click Rollback.