eDrawings Command Line Properties

These command-line properties are specific to eDrawings®.

Property Description
ADDLOCAL Specifies which portion of the eDrawings application to install.
All is the recommended option.
Command Line Syntax Feature
All Installs all the features. The eDrawings application searches for installed SOLIDWORKS and AutoCAD publisher applications to validate the install.
CALS View CAL files in the eDrawings Viewer
Inventor Create eDrawings files from the Autodesk Inventor application.
eDrawingsViewer View eDrawings and other files.
ProE View ProE files using the eDrawings Viewer
DXFDWGTranslator View DXF/DWG files in the eDrawings Viewer.
Shortcuts Install desktop shortcut.
XML3D View 3DXML files in the eDrawings Viewer.
INSTALLDIR Specifies the installation folder for eDrawings
LOGPERFORMANCE Specifies whether the application should automatically email performance data to SOLIDWORKS Corporation.


Send performance data



SNLSERVER Enter the port@servername for your SolidNetWork License server. Use semi-colons to separate multiple port@servername combinations.

A port server name for SNLSERVER is only required for the SOLIDWORKS SNL server configuration. list_of_port@server_strings is a list of strings delimited by semi-colons, each of which refers to a port number on a server with the format:

xxxxx@server_name1; yyyyy@server_name2;

where x and y are single digits. After the last server in the list, do not put a semi-colon.