Datum Feature PropertyManager

The PropertyManager controls properties of datum feature symbols.

To insert datums, do one of the following:

  • For parts, click Datum (MBD Dimension toolbar) or Tools > DimXpert > Datum.
  • For drawings, click Datum Feature (Annotation toolbar) or Insert > Annotations > Datum Feature Symbol.


Define style. For details, see Style.

Label Settings

Label . The text appears in the datum feature box.


Use document style. The document style follows the settings specified in Document Properties > Datums. Clear to select a different style of box and attachment. Each style of box has a different set of attachment styles.

Square: Round (GB): Example of Round style:
No Leader Perpendicular
Leader Vertical  
Filled Triangle Horizontal
Filled Triangle With Shoulder    
Empty Triangle    
Empty Triangle With Shoulder    
Leader Left    
Leader Right    
Leader Nearest    

The Shoulder options add a bend to the symbol. The shoulder bend is always horizontal or vertical based on the attachment edge. If you add the symbol to a circular edge, the Shoulder options are automatically selected.

You can use leaders for datum feature symbols that you apply to planar surfaces.

Leader No Leader


Place the pointer in the text area. Click More to access the Symbol Library.

Leader/Frame Style

Use document display:
  • Select to use the style and thickness configured in Document Properties > Datums.
  • Clear to set leader style or thickness .


In drawings with named layers, select a layer.