Geometric Tolerance PropertyManager

Specify the following properties when you create a geometric tolerance symbol.

You define the symbol in the Geometric Tolerance Properties dialog box.

To set geometric tolerance properties, do one of the following:

  • For parts, click Geometric Tolerance (MBD Dimension toolbar) or Tools > DimXpert > Geometric Tolerance.
  • For drawings, click Geometric Tolerance (Annotation toolbar) or Insert > Annotations > Geometric Tolerance.


Define style. For details, see Style.


Displays the available leader types for the geometric tolerance symbol.

Multi-jog Leader  
No Leader  
Auto Leader  
Straight Leader  
Bent Leader  
Perpendicular Leader  
Leader Left  
Leader Right  
Leader Nearest  
All Around  

All Around This Side  
All Over  

All Over This Side  
  Arrow Style

Select an arrowhead style.

Smart arrowhead

Applies the appropriate arrowhead depending on the detailing standard.


The geometric tolerance symbol appears automatically in the center text box, represented by <Gtol>. Place the pointer anywhere in the text box to insert text. Click More to access the Symbol Library.

Leader/Frame Style

Use document display
  • Select to use the style and thickness configured in Document Properties > Geometric Tolerances.
  • Clear to set style or thickness .


Enter an angle .

Set Horizontal Sets the angle to 0 degrees.
Set Vertical Sets the angle to 90 degrees.


Allows you to use the default font. Clear Use document font and click Font to choose font styles and sizes.


Applies the geometric tolerance symbol to the specified drawing layer.