Primary Member PropertyManager

Adds members defined by sketch entities, points, reference planes, and surfaces.

To open the Primary Member PropertyManager:
  1. ClickInsert > Structure System > Structure System.
  2. Click Primary Member.

Path Segment

Creates a member along a sketch entity. Select one or more sketch entities (similar to weldments). You can also select model edges for path segments.

Path Segments Select path segments in sketch.

Ref Plane Member

Creates a member along the intersection of two or more planes.

Start and End Plane Defines the length of the members.
Plane Set 1  
Plane Set 2  

Point Length Member

Creates a member originating at a point and extends to a specified length.

Points and Length Select points in sketch.
Length Type value for the length of the structural member.

Face Plane Intersection Member

Creates a member along the intersection of a face or surface, and a plane.

Intersecting Planes  

Start/End Extend

Extends members from a starting location to an end point.