Secondary Member PropertyManager

Adds members between two primary members.

To open the Secondary Member PropertyManager:
  • Click Insert > Structure System > Secondary Member.
For a new structure system, you must create primary members before you can add secondary members.

Secondary Member Type

On Plane Creates a member on a plane between two primary members. Select a plane and two primary members.
Between Points Creates a member between two primary members based on the position of the end points. You can refine the location by specifying a distance from the selected primary members.

Member Pairs

Member Pairs Link creates a chain of member pairs. The end point of one member pair is used as the beginning of the next member pair in the chain.
Support Plane  
Distance From End  
Mem 1  
Mem 2  
Align Member Zooms to the profile of the structural member and shifts the profile to align pierce points with the structural member sketch segment.

Start/End Extend

Extends members from a starting location to an end point.