Simple Corner PropertyManager

To open the Simple Corner PropertyManager:
  1. In the FeatureManager design tree, expand Corner Management.
  2. Right-click Simple Corner Group and click Edit Feature.

In the graphics area, each purple handle on the model represents a corner group. When you select a blue handle, the corner group highlights in the PropertyManager.

Corner Groups

Lists corner groups to which you can apply trim treatments. You cannot add or remove corners from a group.

Corner Treatment

Planar Trim Type Cuts the intersecting member with a plane.
First Contact Planar Trim Type Option. Trims the member when it first comes into contact with adjacent faces.
Full Contact Planar Trim Type Option. Trims the member flush with adjacent faces.
Body Trim Type Conforms the intersecting member to the shape of adjacent faces by adding or removing material.
  Click Up or Down to select trim tool member.
  Gap Adds a gap between members.
  Ignore Corner Treatment