Specifying Modify Parameters for Boss or Cut Extrudes

The Modify: Boss Extrude Parameters and Modify: Cut Extrude Parameters dialog boxes let you specify new parameters for extrusions. You can modify parameters for Direction1 and Direction2. The following parameters are available:

  Depth To change the depth of the feature, type a new value in the Depth box, or use the arrows to change the value.
  Modify Draft To remove drafts from the feature, select the Modify Draft check box. Make sure the Extrude with Draft check box is cleared.
  Extrude with Draft To change draft angles, select both the Modify Draft and Extrude with Draft check boxes. Type a draft angle into the Angle box, or use the arrows to change the value. Select the Draft Outward check box, if required, to change the slope of the draft from decreasing to increasing.
  Merge Result (Boss extrudes only)  
  Flip Side to Cut (Cut extrudes only)  
  Reverse Offset  
  Reverse Offset  
  Translate Surface  
  Thin Features


Select an option.


Set a value for T1 and T2 (Two-Direction only).

You cannot change the end condition type or extrusion type during Modify.

While modifying boss or cut extrudes created in both directions, only the direction that satisfies the Find criteria is modified. For example, a boss extrude has a depth of 5mm in the first direction and 2mm in the second direction. If you find all extrudes < 3mm and change them to a depth of 6mm, only the direction with a depth of < 3mm (the second direction in this example) is changed.