Specifying Modify Parameters for Boss or Cut Revolves

The Modify: Boss Revolve Parameters and Modify: Cut Revolve Parameters dialog boxes let you specify new parameters for revolved bosses and cuts. The following parameters are available:

  Angle Set a new value to change the angle of the revolved feature.
  Wall Thickness If the revolved feature is thin-walled, set a new wall thickness.
You cannot change the revolve type or thin feature option during Modify.

When you modify a boss or cut revolve that has been created in two directions, only the direction that satisfies the Find criteria is modified. For example, a boss revolve has an angle of 30° in the first direction and 60° in the second direction. If you find all revolves > 45° and change them to an angle of 90°, only the direction with an angle > 45° (the second direction) is changed.