Specifying Modify Parameters for Boss or Cut Sweeps

The Modify: Boss Sweep Parameters and Modify: Cut Sweep Parameters dialog boxes let you specify Modify parameters for sweep features. The following parameters are available:


Set the following options to find sweeps with the specified settings:

  Orientation/twist type  
  Tangent propagation  
  Merge tangent faces  
  Align with end faces  
  Merge result  
For Orientation/twist type, the Follow path and 1st guide curve and Follow 1st and 2nd guide curves options in the Find utility are not available in the Modify utility.

Start/End tangency

Select a Start tangency type and an End tangency type from the list.

Thin Feature

Select the Thin Feature check box to find boss or cut sweeps with thin features, then set the following parameters:

  Type Select a type of thin feature sweep from the list.
  Direction Select the sweep direction. This is available only if One-Direction is selected in the Type list.
  Wall thickness Type a value for the wall thickness of the sweep, or use the arrows to change the value.