Specifying Modify Parameters for Simple Fillets

The Modify: Simple Fillet Parameters dialog box lets you specify new parameters for constant radius fillets. The following parameters are available:

  Radius Set a new value to change the fillet radius.
  Overflow type Select an overflow type.
  Tangent Propagation Select Any, On, or Off.
  Keep Features Select Any, On, or Off.
  Curvature Continuous Select Any, On, or Off.
  Round Corners Select Any, On, or Off.
  Constant Width Select Any, On, or Off.
You cannot change the Fillet type during Modify.

When you modify fillet chains, only the fillet radii of the edges that satisfy the Find criteria are changed. For example, a fillet chain has 4 edges with radii 5, 6, 7, and 8mm. If you find all fillet chains with a Radius > 7mm, and change them to a Radius = 9mm, only the edges in the chain with a fillet Radius > 7mm, are changed.