Specifying Modify Parameters for Variable Radius Fillets

The Modify: Variable Fillet Parameters dialog box lets you specify new parameters for variable radius fillets. The following parameters are available:

  Min Radius and Max Radius Set new values to change the minimum or maximum fillet radii.
  Overflow Type Select an overflow type.
  Tangent Propagation Select an option.
  Transition Type Select a transition type.
When you modify fillet chains, only the fillet radii of the edges that satisfy the Find criteria are changed. For example, a fillet chain has 4 edges with radii 5, 6, 7, and 8 mm. If you find all fillet chains with a radius > 7mm, and change them to a radius = 9mm, only the edges in the chain with a fillet radius > 7mm, (or the 4th edge in this example), are changed.