Copying Virtual Components

You can copy virtual components between assemblies. The copy is not linked to the original virtual component. Existing references are not copied, and the copy is given a new name.

To copy a virtual component from one assembly to another:

  1. Open both assemblies:
    • Source assembly, which contains the virtual component
    • Target assembly, where you want to add a copy of the virtual component
  2. Click Window > Tile Horizontally so that both assemblies are visible.
  3. In the FeatureManager design tree of the source assembly, select the virtual component and drag it to the graphics area of the target assembly.
    The software warns you that copying a virtual component to another file breaks the link to the original file.
    You can suppress the message by selecting Don't show again if you know that you will always choose the default response. To restore a suppressed message, click Tools > Options > System Options > Messages/Errors/Warnings , and under Dismissed messages, select the message you want to restore.
  4. Click OK.
    The component is copied into the target assembly.
You can also copy a virtual component using keyboard shortcuts. Select the virtual component in the source assembly and press Ctrl + C. Then, in the target assembly, press Ctrl + V.