If you experience issues with your Visualize Boost connection or performance, check the troubleshooting advice given here for possible causes and solutions.

For conciseness and clarity in the table below:
  • Boost refers to SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost
  • Visualize refers to SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional
Cause Solution
Boost and Visualize are installed on the same computer Do not install Boost on the same computer as Visualize because this can introduce connectivity and performance issues. Install Boost on one or more computers, other than the one where Visualize is running, so that you can offload the Visualize rendering tasks to those other computers.
One or more instances of Boost are not activated Activate Boost on each Boost computer. See Activating the Visualize Boost License for details.
The versions of Boost and Visualize do not match Install the same version of Boost on each Boost computer. The version of Boost must match the version of Visualize. For example, if you use the 2019 SP02 version of Visualize, then you must use the 2019 SP02 version of Boost on each Boost computer.
Port numbers do not match The port number specified for your Boost cluster and the port number specified in Visualize must match. The default port number is 8998. If you change to a different port number, for example, because 8998 is already used by another service in your network, you must change the port number in all these places:
Each Boost computer: Double-click the Boost desktop shortcut, and on the Setup tab, set the value for Cluster Client Access Port. See Configuring Visualize Boost for details.
In Visualize: Click Tools > Options, and on the Boost tab, set the value for Server Address.