Keyframe Properties

Keyframe Properties appear in the Palette when you double-click a keyframe in the timeline.


A keyframe is an image or set of attributes for a 3D scene, used as a reference point in animation. The artist usually sets up keyframes at significant points in the action, and the computer calculates the in-between values.

Time Point Sets the time of the selected keyframe.
Transition Sets the transitional options approaching (In) or exiting (Out) the keyframe:
  • Smooth. Interpolates curves between keyframes.
  • Linear. Interpolates a straight 3D line between keyframes.
  • Flat. Interpolates a straight 2D line between keyframes.
  • Hold. Freezes the object for the duration of the keyframe.
Tension Tunes the curvature of incoming (In) and outgoing (Out) motion for the selected keyframe.
Motion Ease Accelerates or decelerates the animation as it approaches (In) or exits (Out) the selected keyframe.