Using the Queue Client

To use the Queue Client:

  1. When you are ready to render a scene, do one of the following:
    • In the Output Tools dialog box, click Send to Queue.
    • Click View > Show Queue.
    The SOLIDWORKS Visualize Queue dialog box opens:
    1 Main menu  
    2 Start Queue Stop Queue Starts or stops the queue.
    3 State of queue Indicates whether the queue is running or stopped.
    4 List of failed projects (if any) Lists jobs that have failed to load.

    Expand the list to see reasons for the failures and troubleshooting information.

    5 Filter Lets you limit the types of jobs in the jobs list. Select All Jobs, Remote Jobs Only, or Local Jobs Only.
    6 Jobs list Lists all the projects you sent to the queue in the order they were sent.

    You can change the order.

  2. To process the jobs in the job list without delay, click Start Queue.
    The queue continues to run until all jobs in the list are processed, or you click Stop Queue.
    When a local job finishes, it is automatically saved in the folder that is specified for Output Directory on the Queue tab of the Tools > Options dialog box.
  3. To remove jobs that have finished rendering, click Clear Completed.