Configuration File Utility

You can use swm.configwizard.exe to test the license server connection and reset the Admin password for SOLIDWORKS Manage.

Testing the Connection to the SolidNetWork License Manager

To test the connection to the SolidNetWork License Manager:

  1. In the Configuration File Wizard, click Open, and select an .swmc format file.
  2. In SWM License Server, enter the license server name, and click Test Connection.
    If the connection is successful, a success message appears. Otherwise, ensure that the license server name and part are correct and the license server is running.

Resetting the SOLIDWORKS Manage Admin Password

To reset the SOLIDWORKS Manage Admin password:

  1. In the Configuration File Wizard, click Reset Admin account password.
  2. Enter the old SQL database password.
  3. Enter a new password.
  4. Click OK.
    Technical Support can use this feature to troubleshoot customer databases.