Hours for Working Days in Projects

You can set the working hours of each day including Saturdays and Sundays. You can use this in calculating the time required to complete a stage based on the time required from all tasks within it.

For example, if you enter 4 working hours for Saturday and 8 hours for Monday-Friday, then you can complete 44 hours of tasks each week. You can set the working hours at the system level and modify them for each project.

Previously, you could select only the working days and each day was set to 8 hours.

Setting the Default Working Hours

To set the default working hours:

  1. Open the Administration tool or right-click Projects in the main user interface.
  2. Click Tools > Administration.
  3. Click in the Structures pane and select Projects.
  4. In the Working hours page, set the hours.
    If you change the system working hours, existing projects are unaffected.

Changing the Working Hours

To change the working hours:

  1. Open and check out an existing project.
  2. Select Planning to display a Gantt chart.
  3. On the toolbar, click Options.
  4. Set the hours and click Save.