Item Detail Pane for BOM View

You can view additional BOM details in the item detail pane in the Property Card.

The pane displays the following information about the selected BOM line item:
  • Properties. Displays references, thumbnails, record status information, and properties. If you select a reference, the reference properties appear.
  • Preview. Displays a preview of the selected BOM item or a selected reference document of the selected BOM item.
    Preview is not available for record objects.
  • Search. Enables searching for items that you can add to the BOM while in BOM edit mode.

Viewing BOM Details in the Item Detail Pane

To view BOM details in the item detail pane:

  1. Open the Property Card of a record that has the BOM tab enabled and has a BOM variant defined.
  2. In the Property Card of the record, select BOM on the left pane.
  3. Click the left-pointing arrow at the upper right of the Property Card window to expand the pane.
  4. Select a line item in the BOM variant.