SOLIDWORKS Electrical is available as a separately purchased product.

Black Box Terminals

You can represent the black box terminals using a new configuration parameter for specific connection points and attributes.

Cable Cores

You can switch two cable cores with the Switch Cable Cores tool in the shortcut menu of the Terminal Strip Editor.

Connector Graphical Representation

You can use new parameters in the connector configuration files that improve the process of inserting dynamic connectors in schematic drawings.

Use the parameters to:
  • Manage a wipeout under the connector
  • Add a zig-zag line if the connector representation is incomplete
  • Display cross references
  • Choose pin sides. Provisions for D-connectors include:
    • Right
    • Left
    • Right and left
    • Left and right

Conversion to Mixed Scheme Drawing

In the Drawing Properties dialog box, you can change the type of drawing from Schematic or Line diagram to Mixed Scheme.

The ability to change the drawing type is only available in the Admin mode.

End Terminations

You can define and manage End Terminations at the terminal level of manufacturer components through the Termination Type Manager.

You can use new variables and attributes to display information in reports and schematic drawings about End Terminations that are used for components. You can use symbols and manufacturer parts to represent End Terminations in schematic drawings. The end wire connected to a component can be different for each type of End Termination.

Input/Output Symbol

From the context menu of the Input/Output List, you can open the drawing that contains the Input/Output symbol.

Links in Report Drawings

The Go to tool automatically generates links to reports in report drawings.

You can also export PDF files with Go to links in report components. The links connect to the generated PDF drawings.

Macro Tool

You can insert a macro as you insert a new symbol, using the Insert Macro tool in the Schematic and Line diagram menus.

Option for Dimension Units

In the properties of wires, cables, and manufacturer parts, you can choose to display the dimensions in millimeters or inches, using new options in the Project Configuration dialog box.

Reach a Drawing Dialog Box

In the Search Document dialog box, you can filter searches by Book, Function, and Location.

Renumber Components Feature

When you renumber components, you can select the type of symbols to use in the project configuration. The symbols determine where the numbering starts.

Revisions Management

You can manage the revision index through an improved interface that includes ribbon bars and a dialog box that lists the index properties.

Saving Symbols as Palettes

You can drag symbols from the graphics area to the palette and save them as favorites.

Wire Cabling Order Dialog Box

You can open the drawing containing the component through the Go To tool on the context menu of the component.

Improved Performance in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D

The performance is improved for Route Cables and Route Harness tools. The performance is faster when you use the Route Wires tool for routing a large number of wires in an assembly.

When you click Tools > SOLIDWORKS Electrical > Electrical Component Wizard the Route Library Manager launches quickly and you can define components faster for SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D.