Pen Tool Sketching Enhancements

You can use the Pen tool to create splines, slots, ellipses, and dimensions.

The Pen tool is available on touch-enabled devices.

Sketch Ink CommandManager enhancements:
Convert to Ellipse Converts ink strokes into slot sketch entities when you sketch ellipses or slots. Click Convert to Ellipse on the context toolbar to toggle the shape from a slot to an ellipse.
Convert to composite shape Approximates ink strokes as lines and arcs.
Convert to spline Converts the lines and arcs of ink strokes into splines.

Ruler and Protractor Helps you create straight lines. When you sketch strokes close to the straight edge, they snap to the edge of the ruler. You can also access these tools from the Sketch Ink flyout menu.
Select tool Click the button on the barrel of the pen to toggle between Pen and Select modes. This helps you quickly drag and make selections.
  Dimensions Write dimensions with the Pen tool near entities and the application recognizes your handwriting as numbers that are applied to the entities as dimensions. To dimension a previously sketched line, select it and write the dimension.