Tab and Slot

Enhancements to the Tab and Slot tool include group linking, the use of nonlinear edges, slot corner shapes, and through all cuts.

Linking Groups

You can link groups of tab and slot features together so that all parameters apply uniformly to the features. If you edit a parameter for a linked group, all of the tab and slot features in the group update accordingly.

To link groups, in the Tab and Slot PropertyManager, under Selection, select entities in Group List and select Link Groups Together.

Nonlinear Edges

You can select nonlinear edges when creating a tab and slot feature.

Slot Corners

You can set the type of corners for slots. In the Tab and Slot PropertyManager, under Slot, you can set Corner Type to:
Slot sharp corner
Slot fillet corner
Slot chamfer corner
Slot circular corner

Slot Length and Width

You can specify the offset values for the length and width of slots. In the Tab and Slot PropertyManager, under Slot, you can set:
  • Slot Length Offset
  • Slot Width Offset
  • Equal offset. Sets equal values for Slot Length Offset and Slot Width Offset.

Through All Cuts

Slots are always created as through all cuts unless the cuts are impractical. If you do not want a through all cut, select No Through Cut under Slot in the Tab and Slot PropertyManager. If a through cut is impractical for the model (for example, models with a single body), No Through Cut is unavailable.

No Through Cut cleared No Through Cut selected