Limitations for Tools in Edit Assembly Mode

Some tools are limited when you edit an assembly that is in Large Design Review mode.

Insert Component

Insert Component adds components as graphics-only in the top-level assembly.

The Make virtual and Envelope options are not available.

For a top-level assembly that has multiple configurations, Suppress new components in the Configuration Properties PropertyManager controls the suppression state of the inserted component.

You cannot add Toolbox components to the assembly.

You cannot insert multiple components at the same time.

You cannot insert components by using copy and paste, drag, or CTRL + drag.


You cannot change the configuration of the top-level assembly.

Component Patterns

You cannot create or edit component patterns.


You cannot create mates to reference geometry. Existing mates to reference geometry are solved.


You can delete only top-level components.

Suppress Components

Available for graphics-only components in the top-level assembly. Components are suppressed only in the active configuration.

Save and Save As

Use Save to save an edited assembly in Large Design Review mode. You cannot use Save As.

Move with Triad

Move with Triad is available when you right-click a component and click to expand the shortcut menu.