Linear Patterns

You can pattern components up to a selected reference. You can specify options for spacing or the number of instances.

For Direction 1, clear Fixed axis of rotation to specify the rotation axis in any direction. When you select this option, you can rotate patterned instances around a common axis, which is the same behavior as the previous SOLIDWORKS release.

In the Linear Pattern PropertyManager, specify the following options for spacing or the number of instances for Direction 1 and Direction 2:

Spacing and instances Independently specifies the spacing and the number of instances.


Defines the spacing between pattern instances.

Number of Instances

Defines the number of pattern instances. This number includes the original features or selections.

Up to reference Specifies the spacing and the number of instances based on the selected reference geometry.

Reference Geometry

Specifies the reference geometry that controls the pattern.

Reverse offset direction

Reverses the direction that the pattern is offset from the reference geometry.

Offset distance

Specifies the distance of the last pattern instance from the reference geometry.

Component Centroid

Calculates the offset distance from the reference geometry to the centroid of the patterned feature.

Selected reference

Calculates the offset distance from the reference geometry to a selected seed feature geometry reference.

Reference Geometry

Specifies which seed feature geometry to calculate the offset distance from.

Fixed axis of rotation Direction 1 option. Patterned instances rotate around a common axis.

Available when you select Rotate instances.

When cleared, the rotation axis for each instance of a component is translated along Direction 1 and then rotated following the axis of rotation for that component.