Configuring Linked Records

You can configure the linked record in the document object that has the primary reference.

Rules for configuring linked records:
  • You need at least one document object and one record object.
  • You can link a document object to only a single record object.
  • You can link multiple document objects to a single record object.
For SOLIDWORKS PDM Document objects, you access the configuration through a page in the wizard. For standard document objects, a new tab appears at the end of the existing tabs.

Steps to configure:

  1. Select a linked record object.
  2. Optional: Define the field mapping.
  3. Optional: Define the document record's related files or references to link to the linked record.
  4. Optional: Map the BOM variants between the document object and linked record object.
  5. Optional: Map the field groups to the linked record object.
  6. Specify the numbering scheme.
    You can also configure a standard document object.