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ICommandMessage Interface Members

The following tables list the members exposed by ICommandMessage.

Public Properties

 PropertyPromptExplanationGets or sets the text for the prompt in the command window.  

Public Methods

 MethodAddTrackerAdds a tracker, the mechanism that draws temporary entities along the cursor's path when prompting a user for a value, keyword, or selection.  
 MethodGetLastErrorDisplays the status of the last-run command in the command window.  
 MethodGetLastUserInputGets the last value input by a user in the command window.  
 MethodPrintLineDisplays the specified string in the command window.  
 MethodPromptForAngleDisplays the specified prompt and default value for an angle in the command window and gets the angle input by the user.  
 MethodPromptForAngleOrKeywordObsolete. Superseded by ICommandMessage::PromptForAngleOrKeyword2.  
 MethodPromptForAngleOrKeyword2Displays the specified prompt, local keywords, and default value for an angle in the command window and gets the user's input.  
 MethodPromptForBlockInsertionPrompts the user for the insertion point, scale factors, and rotation angle to use when inserting a Block Instance.  
 MethodPromptForBoolDisplays the specified prompt and default Boolean value in the command window and gets the Boolean input by the user.  
 MethodPromptForBoolOrKeywordDisplays the specified prompt, local keywords, and default value for the Boolean in the command window and gets the user's input.  
 MethodPromptForDistanceDisplays the specified prompt and default value for the linear distance in the command window and gets the linear distance input by the user.  
 MethodPromptForDistanceOrKeywordObsolete. Superseded by ICommandMessage::PromptForDistanceOrKeyword2.  
 MethodPromptForDistanceOrKeyword2Displays the specified prompt, local keywords, and default value for the linear distance in the command window and gets the user's input.  
 MethodPromptForDoubleDisplays the specified prompt and default value for the double in the command window and gets the double input by the user.  
 MethodPromptForDoubleOrKeywordDisplays the specified prompt, local keywords, and default value for the double in the command window and gets the user's input.  
 MethodPromptForFileNameDisplays the specified prompt in the command window and gets the file name input by the user.  
 MethodPromptForFileNameOrKeywordDisplays the specified prompt, local keywords, and default value for the file name in command window and gets the user's input.  
 MethodPromptForIntegerDisplays the specified prompt and default value for the integer or long in the command window and gets the integer or long input by the user.  
 MethodPromptForIntegerOrKeywordDisplays the specified prompt, local keywords, and default value for the integer or long in the command window and gets the user's input.  
 MethodPromptForKeywordObsoleted. Superseded by ICommandMessage::PromptForKeyword2.  
 MethodPromptForKeyword2Displays the specified prompt, local keywords, and default value for the keyword in the command window and gets the keyword input by the user.  
 MethodPromptForOrientationDisplays the specified prompt and default value for the orientation in the command window and gets the orientation input by the user.  
 MethodPromptForOrientationOrKeywordObsolete. Superseded by ICommandMessage::PromptForOrientationOrKeyword2.  
 MethodPromptForOrientationOrKeyword2Displays the specified prompt, local keywords, and default value for the orientation in the command window and gets the user's input.  
 MethodPromptForPointObsolete. Superseded by ICommandMessage::PromptForPoint2.  
 MethodPromptForPoint2Displays the specified prompt in the command window gets the x, y, and z coordinates specified by the user.  
 MethodPromptForPointOrKeywordDisplays the specified prompt, local keywords, and default value for the point in the command window and gets the user's input.  
 MethodPromptForSelectionDisplays the specified prompt for selecting one or more entities.  
 MethodPromptForSelectionOrKeywordDisplays the specified prompt and local keywords for selecting one or more entities in the command window and gets the user's input.  
 MethodPromptForStringDisplays the specified prompt and default value in the command window and gets the user's input.  
 MethodPromptForStringOrKeywordDisplays the specified prompt, local keywords, and default string in the command window and gets the user's input.  
 MethodRemoveTrackerRemoves the tracker, the mechanism that draws temporary entities along the cursor's path when prompting a user for a value, keyword, or selection.  

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