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IDocument Interface Members

The following tables list the members exposed by IDocument.

Public Properties

 PropertyDimensionScaleGets or sets the scale factor based on the ratio between the current Viewport and the drawing Sheet.  
 PropertyScaleUnitGets or sets the scale factor for DimensionStyle settings.  

Public Methods

 MethodActivateActivates the document.  
 MethodCleanPurges this document of the objects that are defined or loaded but not used.  
 MethodCopySheetCreates a new Sheet by copying the specified existing Sheet.  
 MethodCreateBlockDefinitionCreates a Block definition.  
 MethodCreateGroupCreates an EntityGroup, which combines the specified entities into a group that you can manipulate in a single operation.  
 MethodCreateHighlightSetCreates a highlight selection set containing the specified entities.  
 MethodCreateLispFunctionCreates a LISP function that can be called from LISP.  
 MethodCreateSheetCreates a Sheet using the specified name.  
 MethodCreateSheetByTemplateCreates a Sheet based on a Sheet in another file.  
 MethodErrorCheckChecks the integrity of this document and optionally corrects errors.  
 MethodGetAngleUnitExpressionGets the type of angular unit and its precision for the document.  
 MethodGetBaseAngleGets the base angle for the document.  
 MethodGetBlockDefinitionGets the specified Block definition for the document.  
 MethodGetBlockDefinitionsGets the Block definitions for the document.  
 MethodGetCommandOptionBoolGets the Boolean value of the specified command option for the document.  
 MethodGetCommandOptionDoubleGets the double value of the specified command option for the document.  
 MethodGetCommandOptionInt16Gets the 16-bit signed integer, also called Int16, value of the specified command option for the document.  
 MethodGetCommandOptionInt32Gets the 32-bit signed integer, also called Int32, value of the specified command option for the document.  
 MethodGetCommandOptionInt8Gets the 8-bit signed integer, also called Int8, value of the specified command option for the document.  
 MethodGetCommandOptionPoint2DGets the 2D point's coordinates for the specified command option in the document.  
 MethodGetCommandOptionPoint3DGets the 3D point's coordinates for the specified command option in the document.  
 MethodGetCommandOptionStringGets the string value for the specified command option in the document.  
 MethodGetCustomCoordinateSystemManagerCreates a new instance of the custom coordinate system manager.  
 MethodGetDimensionStyleManagerGets the DimensionStyle Manager.  
 MethodGetDocumentExporterGets the export feature for the document.  
 MethodGetDrawingPropertiesGets access to the standard (i.e., author, keywords, title, and subject) and custom properties of a drawing document.  
 MethodGetExternalReferencesGets the external references for the document.  
 MethodGetGroupGets the specified EntityGroup, which contains entities that have been combined into a group that you can manipulate in a single operation.  
 MethodGetGroupsGets the specified EntityGroups.  
 MethodGetHandleFromObjectGets the handle of the specified object.  
 MethodGetLayerManagerGets the Layer Manager for the document.  
 MethodGetLayerStateManagerAccesses the Layer State Manager of this document.  
 MethodGetLengthUnitExpressionGets the type of linear unit and its precision for the document.  
 MethodGetLineStyleManagerGets the LineStyle Manager.  
 MethodGetModelGets the model for the document.  
 MethodGetNamedObjectsDictionaryGets the named-objects dictionary for the drawing.  
 MethodGetObjectByHandleGets an object by its handle.  
 MethodGetPathNameGets the path and file name of the document.  
 MethodGetRegisteredApplicationsGets the names of the registered applications for the document's custom data.  
 MethodGetRichLineStyleManagerGets the RichLineStyle Manager.  
 MethodGetSelectionManagerGets the interface for selecting entities, which makes the currently and previously selected entity available.  
 MethodGetShapeManagerGets the Shape Manager.  
 MethodGetSheetGets the specified Sheet.  
 MethodGetSheetsObsolete. Superseded by IDocument::GetSheets2.  
 MethodGetSheets2Gets the Sheets for the document.  
 MethodGetTableStyleManagerGets the TableStyle Manager.  
 MethodGetTextStyleManagerGets the TextStyle Manager.  
 MethodGetViewManagerGets the View Manager.  
 MethodGetWindowGets the DraftSight document window.  
 MethodHasBlockDefinitionGets whether the specified Block definition is inserted in the document.  
 MethodHasSheetGets whether the document contains the specified Sheet.  
 MethodIsActiveGets whether the document is active.  
 MethodIsDirtyGets whether the document has been modified since it was opened and not saved.  
 MethodIsReadOnlyGets whether the document is read only.  
 MethodPanMoves the visible portion of the drawing in the direction and distance defined through a vector.  
 MethodRebuildRebuilds the document.  
 MethodRemoveLispFunctionRemoves the specified LISP function so that it can no longer be called from LISP.  
 MethodRemoveSheetDeletes the specified Sheet from the document.  
 MethodSaveSaves the document.  
 MethodSaveAsObsoleted. Superseded by IDocument::SaveAs2.  
 MethodSaveAs2Saves the document as the specified file name and file type.  
 MethodSetAngleUnitExpressionSets the type of angular unit and its precision for the document.  
 MethodSetBaseAngleSets the base angle for the document.  
 MethodSetCommandOptionBoolSets the Boolean value for the specified command option for the document.  
 MethodSetCommandOptionDoubleSets the double value for the specified command option for the document.  
 MethodSetCommandOptionInt16Sets the 16-bit signed integer, also called Int16, value for the specified command option for the document.  
 MethodSetCommandOptionInt32Sets the 32-bit signed integer, also called Int32, value for the specified command option for the document.  
 MethodSetCommandOptionInt8Sets the 8-bit signed integer, also called Int8, value for the specified command option for the document.  
 MethodSetCommandOptionPoint2DSets the command option for the specified 2D point in the document.  
 MethodSetCommandOptionPoint3DSets the command option for the specified 3D point in the document.  
 MethodSetCommandOptionStringSets the string value for the specified command option in the document.  
 MethodSetLengthUnitExpressionSets the type of linear unit and its precision for the document.  
 MethodWriteBlockByAllEntitiesSaves this entire drawing to a new drawing file.  
 MethodWriteBlockByNameSaves the specified Block in this drawing to a new drawing file.  
 MethodWriteBlockBySpecifiedEntitiesSaves the specified entities in this drawing to a new drawing file.  

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