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EdmResultSuccessCodes_e Enumeration

Success codes. See EdmResultErrorCodes_e for error codes.


Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Public Enum EdmResultSuccessCodes_e 
   Inherits System.Enum
public enum EdmResultSuccessCodes_e : System.Enum 
public enum class EdmResultSuccessCodes_e : public System.Enum 



0x4023D = Retrieved information successfully from the 32-bit add-in


0x4023E = Retrieved information successfully from the 64-bit add-in


0x4023F = The vault has the Do not allow duplicate file names in the file vault or Do not allow duplicate file names with these extensions option selected, and a file with the same name or filename extension exists in the vault


0x4023C = The file was handled, but the file format is not recognized


0x40219 = Menu item not valid in this context due to flags set


0x40201 = Success; refresh the entire list


0x40218 = Administrated plug-ins successfully; you should now recreate the plug-in menu


0x40202 = Success; refresh the tree


0x40203 = Try the operation again


Client code can only access these return codes by handling the exception. For example, in C#: 

    // Some SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional call that results in an exception
catch (System.Runtime.InteropServices.ComException comEx)
    switch (comEx.ErrorCode)
        case S_EDM_xxx:
            // respond to xxx
        case S_EDM_yyy:
            // respond to yyy
            // Unexpected or cannot be handled silently
            // Use IEdmVault5::GetErrorString or IEdmVault11::GetErrorMessage to prepare a message for the user or log


HRESULT return codes are supported by the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional API. You can pass the HRESULT code to the method IEdmVault11::GetErrorMessage to get information about the code. 

Client code can only access these success codes by handling the exception; i.e., via System.Runtime.InteropServices.ComException.  


  • Methods called from Visual Basic do not return the HRESULT code directly. Instead, the return codes are returned as an argument declared with the [retval] directive, if one exists. Visual Basic users can view the error codes returned by methods by implementing an error handler and checking the Number property of the Err object. The property is the HRESULT return code from the failing method.
  • The values shown in this topic are written in C++ style hexadecimal notation. In VB.NET, the value 0x80040200 is written as &H80040200.

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