FeatureManager Design Tree in Large Design Review

The FeatureManager design tree displays information about the assembly components and hierarchy.

In Large Design Review mode, the information displayed in the tree includes:
  • Component names
  • Assembly and subassembly hierarchy
  • Indications of external references
Additional information displays in the tree when you edit an assembly in Large Design Review mode:
  • Standard planes
  • Origin
  • Mates folder
  • Mates in assembly folders
  • Reference geometry, read-only
  • Sketches, read-only
  • Component Patterns, read-only

To edit an assembly in Large Design Review mode, right-click the top-level assembly, and click Edit Assembly.

Large Design Review mode Large Design Review mode with Edit Assembly selected

Component Icons

An eye overlay appears on the icons of all components when the assembly is opened in Large Design Review mode.
A warning icon indicates an issue with the component's graphics data. Hover over the component to see the status of its graphics data.


Information about the following items is not shown in the FeatureManager design tree:
  • Nonstandard Planes
  • Assembly features