Annotation Update PropertyManager

You can add the updated annotations to referenced drawings under the following circumstances:
  • You create a drawing from an assembly or part.
  • You subsequently insert new or modify existing annotations on relevant portions of the assembly or part.
  • You return to view the referenced drawing.
Before you include updated annotations with a referenced drawing, they appear in gray.
You can show or hide updated annotations from a drawing referenced to a part or assembly provided:
  • The drawing includes views relevant to the updated annotations.
  • You set up the drawing so that annotations are imported.

Toggling the Visibility of Updated Annotations

To toggle the visibility of updated annotations from referenced parts or assemblies:

Right-click gray annotation updates for the drawing when the Annotation Update PropertyManager appears:
  • Right-click a new annotation once to display it.
  • Right-click a new annotation twice to hide it.

Showing Previously Hidden Annotations

From the Annotations Update PropertyManager, select Show previously hidden annotations.