To save a document, click Save (Standard toolbar) or File > Save, or press Ctrl + S.

When you save a new document, the Save As dialog box opens and you can enter a file name or accept a default file name.

When you save or close a drawing without all the sheets loaded into memory, you are prompted to update the drawing. If you choose to update, all drawing views on all sheets are updated. The prompt appears only one time per drawing document per a SOLIDWORKS session. If you choose not to update, the views on sheets that are not loaded do not appear in the SOLIDWORKS view-only mode or in the SOLIDWORKS Viewer.

To save all open documents that have been modified since they were last saved, click Save All (Standard toolbar) or File > Save All.

A model from an earlier version of the SOLIDWORKS software is automatically converted to the newer version of the SOLIDWORKS software when you save it. You cannot use Save As to save to an earlier version, and you cannot open the newer version with an older version of the SOLIDWORKS software, with one exception. You can open part and assembly files in read-only mode in Service Pack 5 of the previous release.