Search Tab

For SOLIDWORKS Explorer only, specify options and file locations for the SOLIDWORKS Search application.


Search while typing Refines the search as you type more characters. When cleared, you type the search criteria, and then press Enter to initiate the search.
Include 3D Content Central results Search the 3D models that are included in the 3D ContentCentral database.
Results per page Type the number of items to show on each page of the Results tab.
Maximum results per data source Type the maximum number of results to show for each data source (Local Files, 3D ContentCentral, etc.)

Indexing Performance

Specify when indexing takes place. All locations in the list on the Search Results tab are indexed.

Index only when computer is idle Improves performance.
Always index (may slow SOLIDWORKS) Ensures that the search index is always up to date.

Search Folders

Folder path Lists folders to search.
Add Folder Adds a folder to Folder path.
Remove Removes the selected folder from Folder path.