Performing Bearing Calculations

You can calculate bearing capacity ratings and basic life values.

  1. Click Bearing Calculator (Toolbox toolbar) or Toolbox > Bearing Calculator .
  2. In the Bearing Calculator dialog box, select a standard, a bearing type, and an available bearing from the lists on the bottom left of the dialog box.
  3. Select the Units of measurement.
  4. Under Reliability, select a non-failure rate.
  5. Under Capacity, select Calculated to determine the capacity or Rated if the capacity is known.
    • If you selected Calculated, accept the defaults or type values for # Balls and Ball Diameter (or # Rollers and Roller Diameter for roller bearings), and click Solve Capacity.
    • If you selected Rated, type the Capacity.
  6. For Equivalent Load, type a load value of the combined radial and thrust loads for the bearing.
  7. For Speed, type the revolutions per minute.
    Speed is required only for calculating Life in hours.
  8. Click Solve Life.
    Bearing Calculator calculates Life in Revs (in millions of revolutions) and Life in hours.
  9. Click Done.