Animation Library Workshop and Timeline Enhancements

The Animation Library Workshop and the timeline behave more intuitively.

  • You can create camera keys in animation blocks. This helps define the behavior of the camera throughout the step. The Auto Centering mode, for example, ensures that the entire motion remains visible throughout the step. See Composer Help: Animation Library Workshop > Properties.
  • When there is empty space between two existing animation steps, the application automatically creates an empty space. Contextual options and user interface improvements let you manage empty spaces on the timeline more intuitively and efficiently. See Composer Help: Creating Pre-defined Animations.
  • In the Animation Library, if you delete an actor from the model, the application deletes the corresponding animation keys from the timeline. When this leaves an animation block empty (devoid of actors), a message informs you that the animation block is no longer associated with any actor, and prompts you to delete the animation block from the timeline. See Composer Help: Creating Pre-defined Animations > Creating a Simple Animation.
  • In the Animation Library workshop:
    • The Animations area is renamed to Templates. The behavior of the drop-down boxes in the Templates area has improved. When you select several motions in the timeline, the application empties the drop-down boxes.
    • You can update animation blocks using the Update Selection command in the Animations area. Previously, to update actors in an animation block, you had to delete the animation block and recreate it with the updated set of actors.
      The Update Motion command updates the properties of animation blocks selected in the timeline.

      See Composer Help: Animation Library Workshop.