Microsoft Surface Dial in SOLIDWORKS

The SOLIDWORKS software supports the Microsoft® Surface Dial. Surface Dial lets you view model attributes and zoom, pan, or rotate models.

With the SOLIDWORKS program active, press and hold the Surface Dial on-screen or off-screen to show the radial menu. The menu includes the system options Volume, Scroll, and Undo and the custom ring options Pan, Zoom, and Rotate. Click a custom option to show the custom ring.

On the custom ring, tap Pan, Zoom, or Rotate with your finger to select the tool. When you select Pan, press the dial to activate the X or Y axis or rotate the dial to pan along the active axis. When you select Rotate, press the dial to activate the X, Y, or Z axis. Rotate the dial to rotate the current view along the active axis.

When you use the off-screen dial, the custom ring appears on the lower-right corner of the graphics area for right-hand dominance and the lower-left corner for left-hand dominance. You can drag the custom ring anywhere on the screen.