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Create Advanced Hole Feature Example (VB.NET)

This example shows how to create an Advanced Hole feature.

' Preconditions:
' 1. Verify that the specified part document exists.
' 2. Open the Immediate window.
' Postconditions:
' 1. Selects near and far side faces of the Advanced Hole.
' 2. Defines an Advanced Hole at a sketch point on the edge of the block
'    with the following:
'    * Countersink near side element
'    * Straight tap near side element
'    * Counterbore far side element
'    * Straight hole far side element
' 3. Gets some near and far side element data for the Advanced Hole.
' 4. Modifies the near side element array to contain a tapered tap element.
' 5. Deletes the Advanced Hole's defining sketch point on the edge of the block.
' 6. Adds two sketch points and creates two Advanced Holes at those locations
'    using the previously defined Advanced Hole.
' 7. Inspect the Immediate window and graphics area.
' NOTE: Because the model is used elsewhere, do not save changes.

Imports SolidWorks.Interop.sldworks
Imports SolidWorks.Interop.swconst
Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices
Partial Class SolidWorksMacro
    Public Sub main()
        Dim swModel As ModelDoc2
        Dim feat As Feature
        Dim boolstatus As Boolean
        Dim swAdvHole_Near_1 As AdvancedHoleElementData
        Dim swAdvHole_Near_2 As AdvancedHoleElementData
        Dim swAdvHole_Near_3 As AdvancedHoleElementData
        Dim swAdvHole_Far_1 As AdvancedHoleElementData
        Dim swAdvHole_Far_2 As AdvancedHoleElementData
        Dim swCounterSinkNear As CountersinkElementData
        Dim swCounterBoreFar As CounterboreElementData
        Dim swStraightHoleFar As StraightElementData
        Dim swStraightTapNear As StraightTapElementData
        Dim swTaperedTapNear As TaperedTapElementData
        Dim swFeatureMgr As FeatureManager
        Dim ConvFactorLength As Double
        Dim advHoleNearArr(1) As AdvancedHoleElementData
        Dim advHoleFarArr(1) As AdvancedHoleElementData
        Dim featdata As AdvancedHoleFeatureData
        Dim newNearArr(1) As AdvancedHoleElementData
        Dim newFarArr(1) As AdvancedHoleElementData
        Dim swSketchFeature As Feature
        Dim swSelectionManager As SelectionMgr
        Dim swSketch As Sketch
        Dim swSketchPointArray As Object
        Dim swMaxPointNumber As Integer
        Dim skPoint As Object
        Dim swSketchPoint As Object
        Dim swCurrentPointNumber As Integer
        Dim errors As Long, warnings As Integer
        Dim ResultArray As Object = Nothing
        Dim CalloutString As String
        Dim StrDiam As String
        Dim strDepth As String
        Dim retval As Boolean
        swModel = swApp.OpenDoc6("C:\Users\Public\Documents\SOLIDWORKS\SOLIDWORKS 2018\samples\tutorial\api\block20.sldprt"swDocumentTypes_e.swDocPART, swOpenDocOptions_e.swOpenDocOptions_Silent, "", errors, warnings)
        swFeatureMgr = swModel.FeatureManager
        'Conversion from inches to meters
        ConvFactorLength = 25.4 / 1000
        'Select two faces for the near side and far side hole elements
        boolstatus = swModel.Extension.SelectByRay(-0.0589202612791269, 0.0260626824463657, 0.0560000000000969, -0.400036026779312, -0.515038074910024, -0.758094294050284, 0.000722831189342222, 2, False, 256, 0) 'Near side
        boolstatus = swModel.Extension.SelectByRay(-0.0110716643645077, 0.0211784489308116, -0.0639370439421896, 0.18261953966356, -0.612697461661826, 0.76892907618728, 0.000936301020408163, 2, False, 512, 0) 'Far side
        'Define near and far side hole elements
        'Near side countersink
        swAdvHole_Near_1 = swModel.Extension.CreateAdvancedHoleElementData(swAdvWzdGeneralHoleTypes_e.swAdvWzdCounterSink)
        swAdvHole_Near_1.Orientation = swHoleElementOrientation_e.swHoleElementOrientation_Nearside
        swAdvHole_Near_1.Size = "#4"
        swAdvHole_Near_1.Standard = 0
        swAdvHole_Near_1.FastenerType = swWzdHoleStandardFastenerTypes_e.swStandardAnsiInchFlatHead100
        swAdvHole_Near_1.Diameter = ConvFactorLength * 0.225
        swAdvHole_Near_1.BlindDepth = 0.02055794 * ConvFactorLength
        swAdvHole_Near_1.EndCondition = swEndConditions_e.swEndCondBlind
        swCounterSinkNear = swAdvHole_Near_1
        swCounterSinkNear.EndConditionOverride = True
        swCounterSinkNear.AngleOverride = False
        'Near side straight tap
        swAdvHole_Near_2 = swModel.Extension.CreateAdvancedHoleElementData(swAdvWzdGeneralHoleTypes_e.swAdvWzdStraightTap)
        swAdvHole_Near_2.Size = "#4-40"
        swAdvHole_Near_2.Standard = swWzdHoleStandards_e.swStandardAnsiInch
        swAdvHole_Near_2.FastenerType = swWzdHoleStandardFastenerTypes_e.swStandardAnsiInchBottomingTappedHole
        swAdvHole_Near_2.Diameter = ConvFactorLength * 0.089
        swAdvHole_Near_2.EndCondition = swEndConditions_e.swEndCondUpToNext
        swAdvHole_Near_2.DiameterOverride = True
        swStraightTapNear = swAdvHole_Near_2
        swStraightTapNear.CustomSizing = swStraightTapHoleCustomSizing_e.swStraightTapHoleCustomSizing_TapDrillDiameter
        swStraightTapNear.ThreadClass = swStraightTapHoleThreadClass_e.swStraightTapHoleThreadClass_1B
        swStraightTapNear.ThreadClassOverride = True
        'Near side tapered tap
        swAdvHole_Near_3 = swModel.Extension.CreateAdvancedHoleElementData(swAdvWzdGeneralHoleTypes_e.swAdvWzdTaperTap)
        swAdvHole_Near_3.Orientation = swHoleElementOrientation_e.swHoleElementOrientation_Nearside
        swAdvHole_Near_3.Size = "1/16"
        swAdvHole_Near_3.Standard = swWzdHoleStandards_e.swStandardAnsiInch
        swAdvHole_Near_3.FastenerType = swWzdHoleStandardFastenerTypes_e.swStandardAnsiInchTaperedPipeTap
        swAdvHole_Near_3.Diameter = ConvFactorLength * 0.266
        swAdvHole_Near_2.BlindDepth = 0.205 * ConvFactorLength
        swAdvHole_Near_3.EndCondition = swEndConditions_e.swEndCondBlind
        swAdvHole_Near_3.DiameterOverride = True
        swTaperedTapNear = swAdvHole_Near_3
        swTaperedTapNear.CustomSizing = swTaperedTapCustomSizing_e.swTaperedTapCustomSizing_MinorDiameterWithCosmeticThread
        swTaperedTapNear.ThreadClass = swTaperedTapThreadClass_e.swTaperedTapThreadClass_1
        swTaperedTapNear.ThreadClassOverride = True
        swTaperedTapNear.EndConditionOverride = True
        'Far side counterbore
        swAdvHole_Far_1 = swModel.Extension.CreateAdvancedHoleElementData(swAdvWzdGeneralHoleTypes_e.swAdvWzdCounterBore)
        swAdvHole_Far_1.Orientation = swHoleElementOrientation_e.swHoleElementOrientation_Farside
        swAdvHole_Far_1.Size = "#8"
        swAdvHole_Far_1.Standard = swWzdHoleStandards_e.swStandardAnsiInch
        swAdvHole_Far_1.FastenerType = swWzdHoleStandardFastenerTypes_e.swStandardAnsiInchBinding
        swAdvHole_Far_1.Diameter = ConvFactorLength * 0.375
        swAdvHole_Far_1.BlindDepth = 0.105 * ConvFactorLength
        swAdvHole_Far_1.EndCondition = swEndConditions_e.swEndCondBlind
        swAdvHole_Far_1.DiameterOverride = True
        swCounterBoreFar = swAdvHole_Far_1
        swCounterBoreFar.EndConditionOverride = True
        'Far side straight
        swAdvHole_Far_2 = swModel.Extension.CreateAdvancedHoleElementData(swAdvWzdGeneralHoleTypes_e.swAdvWzdStraight)
        swAdvHole_Far_2.Size = "1/16"
        swAdvHole_Far_2.Standard = 0
        swAdvHole_Far_2.FastenerType = swWzdHoleStandardFastenerTypes_e.swStandardAnsiInchAllDrillSizes
        swAdvHole_Far_2.Diameter = ConvFactorLength * 0.0625
        swAdvHole_Far_2.BlindDepth = 0.2711 * ConvFactorLength
        swAdvHole_Far_2.EndCondition = swEndConditions_e.swEndCondBlind
        swAdvHole_Far_2.DiameterOverride = True
        'Customize the hole callout for this straight element
        StrDiam = swModel.Extension.GetCalloutVariableString(swCalloutVariable_e.swCalloutVariable_AH_Straight_Diameter)
        strDepth = swModel.Extension.GetCalloutVariableString(swCalloutVariable_e.swCalloutVariable_AH_Straight_Depth)
        CalloutString = "<MOD-DIAM> " & StrDiam & " " & "<HOLE-DEPTH> " & strDepth
        swAdvHole_Far_2.CalloutString = CalloutString
        swStraightHoleFar = swAdvHole_Far_2
        'Set near and far side element arrays
        advHoleNearArr(0) = swCounterSinkNear
        advHoleNearArr(1) = swStraightTapNear
        advHoleFarArr(0) = swCounterBoreFar
        advHoleFarArr(1) = swStraightHoleFar

	Dim dispArray As DispatchWrapper() = ObjectArrayToDispatchWrapperArray(New Object() {advHoleNearArr(0), advHoleNearArr(1)})
        Dim dispArray2 As DispatchWrapper() = ObjectArrayToDispatchWrapperArray(New Object() {advHoleFarArr(0), advHoleFarArr(1)})

        'Create the Advanced Hole using the near and far side element arrays; specify to not use baseline dimensions; customize Hole Callouts
        feat = swFeatureMgr.AdvancedHole(dispArray, dispArray2, FalseTrue, ResultArray)
        'Get some near and far side element data
        featdata = feat.GetDefinition
        featdata.AccessSelections(swModel, Nothing)
        Debug.Print("Number of near side hole elements: " & featdata.NearSideElementsCount)
        Debug.Print("Number of far side hole elements: " & featdata.FarSideElementsCount)
        swCounterSinkNear = featdata.GetNearSideElements(0)
        swCounterBoreFar = featdata.GetFarSideElements(0)
        swStraightHoleFar = featdata.GetFarSideElements(1)
        Debug.Print("Near side countersink:")
        Debug.Print("   Hole element type as defined in swAdvWzdGeneralHoleTypes_e: " & swCounterSinkNear.ElementType)
        Debug.Print("   Size as defined on the Advanced Hole PropertyManager page: " & swCounterSinkNear.Size)
        Debug.Print("   Standard as defined in swWzdHoleStandards_e: " & swCounterSinkNear.Standard)
        Debug.Print("   Fastener type as defined in swWzdHoleStandardFastenerTypes_e: " & swCounterSinkNear.FastenerType)
        Debug.Print("   Diameter in m: " & swCounterSinkNear.Diameter)
        Debug.Print("   Blind depth in m: " & swCounterSinkNear.BlindDepth)
        Debug.Print("   Orientation as defined in swHoleElementOrientation_e: " & swCounterSinkNear.Orientation)
        Debug.Print("   End condition as defined in swEndConditions_e: " & swCounterSinkNear.EndCondition)
        Debug.Print("Far side straight:")
        Debug.Print("   Hole element type as defined in swAdvWzdGeneralHoleTypes_e: " & swStraightHoleFar.ElementType)
        Debug.Print("   Size as defined on the Advanced Hole PropertyManager page: " & swStraightHoleFar.Size)
        Debug.Print("   Standard as defined in swWzdHoleStandards_e: " & swStraightHoleFar.Standard)
        Debug.Print("   Fastener type as defined in swWzdHoleStandardFastenerTypes_e: " & swStraightHoleFar.FastenerType)
        Debug.Print("   Diameter in m: " & swStraightHoleFar.Diameter)
        Debug.Print("   Diameter override? " & swStraightHoleFar.DiameterOverride)
        Debug.Print("   Blind depth in m: " & swStraightHoleFar.BlindDepth)
        Debug.Print("   End condition as defined in swEndConditions_e: " & swStraightHoleFar.EndCondition)
        Debug.Print("   Customized hole callout: " & swStraightHoleFar.CalloutString)
        'Modify the near and far side element arrays
        newNearArr(0) = swTaperedTapNear
        newNearArr(1) = swStraightTapNear
        'newFarArr(0) = swCounterBoreFar
        'newFarArr(1) = swStraightHoleFar

        feat.ModifyDefinition(featdata, swModel, Nothing)
        'Delete the first point used to define the Advanced Hole
        swSketchFeature = feat.GetFirstSubFeature
        swSketchFeature.Select2(False, 0)
        swSelectionManager = swModel.SelectionManager
        swSketch = swSketchFeature.GetSpecificFeature2()
        swSketchPointArray = swSketch.GetSketchPoints2()
        swMaxPointNumber = UBound(swSketchPointArray)
        For swCurrentPointNumber = 0 To swMaxPointNumber Step 1
            swSketchPoint = swSketchPointArray(swCurrentPointNumber)
            retval = swSelectionManager.AddSelectionListObject(swSketchPoint, Nothing)
        Next swCurrentPointNumber
        'Create points for multiple Advanced Hole locations
        skPoint = swModel.SketchManager.CreatePoint(-0.0319158789518497, 0.0344489966898323, 0.05600000000004)
        skPoint = swModel.SketchManager.CreatePoint(-0.0494104502066557, 0.0080156770060853, 0.0560000000000969)
    End Sub


Public Function ObjectArrayToDispatchWrapperArray(ByVal Objects As Object()) As DispatchWrapper()
        Dim ArraySize As Integer = 0
        ArraySize = Objects.GetUpperBound(0)
        Dim d As DispatchWrapper() = New DispatchWrapper(ArraySize + 1 - 1) {}
        Dim ArrayIndex As Integer = 0
        For ArrayIndex = 0 To ArraySize
            d(ArrayIndex) = New DispatchWrapper(Objects(ArrayIndex))
        Return d
    End Function

    ''' <summary>
    ''' The SldWorks swApp variable is pre-assigned for you.
    ''' </summary>
    Public swApp As SldWorks
End Class



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