Symmetry Face PropertyManager

The Symmetry Face boundary condition identifies surfaces of cavities and runner domains that belong to planes of symmetry. With this feature, you can avoid simulating both cavities in a symmetrical mold layout, saving computer time for the simulation.

To open the Symmetry Face PropertyManager:

  • In the PlasticsManager, expand Boundary Conditions, and double-click Symmetry Face.

Surfaces identified as Symmetry Faces behave as though they are thermally insulated - no heat is lost through these faces. When using the Symmetry Face feature, make sure that mold temperatures are also symmetric for both cavities.


Use the navigational controls (rotate, pan, zoom, etc.) to build a set of Symmetry Faces, which become highlighted in red.

First, click and drag a two-dimensional box to select faces. All visible faces within the box are highlighted in purple.

  Use Symmetry Runner Settings When you build your model using the Symmetrical runner options in the tetrahederal Solid Mesh PropertyManager, this option is selected, and the necessary symmetry faces are defined automatically.
  Apply Adds the highlighted faces to the set of Symmetry Faces.
  Delete Removes the highlighted faces from the set of Symmetry Faces.
  Deselect All Clears all highlighted selections without changing the set of Symmetry Faces.
  Reset Clears the set of Symmetry Faces.