Toolbox - Smart Fasteners

Use the Smart Fasteners page to set defaults and preferences for fasteners used with Hole Wizard holes and non-Hole Wizard holes.

To access the Smart Fasteners page:

  • From Windows, click Start > All Programs > SOLIDWORKS version > SOLIDWORKS Tools > Toolbox Settings .
  • Click 5 - Smart Fasteners.

Washer sizes

Select from the options to limit the available washer types, depending on the size of the Smart Fastener.

Exact match Limits the available types to washers that match the fastener size exactly.
Greater than tolerance Limits the available types to hole diameters that match the fastener size within the tolerance you type.
Unrestricted Makes all washer types available.

Automatic fastener change

You can make the fastener's length change when the hardware stack changes, and make the stack hardware size change when the fastener's size changes.

Change fastener length to ensure minimum thread engagement Adjusts fastener lengths to satisfy your thread engagement requirements:
  • Threads beyond a nut - Adds to the fastener length to ensure that the specified number of threads protrude beyond the nut.
  • x diameter into a tapped hole - Sets the minimum length a fastener engages a tapped hole, based on a multiple of its diameter.
Change stack components when fastener size is changed Changes nut and washer sizes automatically when the fastener size changes.

Fastener to use with Non-Hole Wizard holes

You can specify the default Smart Fasteners components to use with nonstandard hole types.

Fastener to use with Non-Hole Wizard holes Specifies the Smart Fastener for non-Hole Wizard holes when you click Browse (...) and select the fastener.