Resources and Key Concepts for 3DEXPERIENCE


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The Compass is a menu icon that lets you access roles and apps in the platform.


A role is a collection of apps that enable you to perform job-specific activities. You can have multiple roles.

For example, all SOLIDWORKS desktop users working with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform have the Collaborative Business Innovator role. This role includes access to 3DSwym, 3DPlay, and 3DSearch apps among others.


Service Description
3DEXPERIENCE Launcher A background service that gives you access to the platform.
3DDashboard A portal to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, and entry point for collecting project and task information into a view that you manage.
3DDrive Provides storage space online where you can upload documents and use folders to organize them.
Collaborative Spaces Collaborative spaces are the foundation of the complete 3DEXPERIENCE data management system. When you have the Collaborative Industry Innovator role, you can use collaborative spaces to produce content and manage access to it.

Lets you connect with members of your communities to collaborate, ask and answer questions, and share information in blogs and wikis.