Performance Improvements

SOLIDWORKS 2020 includes the following performance and workflow improvements:


  • Assembly performance is optimized for some tools and workflows so full rebuilds of assemblies or graphics occur less often.
  • Most assemblies and drawings, that were saved in a previous version, open faster without having to save them in the new version. The improvement is greater for assemblies that use reference components in several configurations.

    You do not have to fully rebuild assemblies and drawings with reference components in multiple configurations when opening a new version in SOLIDWORKS 2020. Also, you can make greater use of lightweight components and drawings without needing to convert them to the current version.

    You can improve save performance by clearing the Force referenced documents to save to current version system option. When you clear the option, documents that were not modified in the current session are not saved to the current version of SOLIDWORKS. For an example, see Improving Performance When Opening and Saving Files from a Previous Version

    This improvement also eliminates the need to run batch conversion tools such as the PDM File Version Upgrade Utility or the Convert Files task in the Task Scheduler.

Detailing and Drawings

When you create a drawing from an open assembly, the creation of the first view may be faster than in previous releases.


Performance is improved when you hover over and select entities using the Measure and Markup Dimensions tools.


  • SOLIDWORKS PDM loads the data in the background, which improves the browsing responsiveness.

    Browsing folders that have a large number of files is faster due to:

    • Faster database queries for custom columns.
    • Background loading and incremental loading of the data.
    When you double-click a folder, SOLIDWORKS PDM loads data in this order:
    1. All subfolders synchronously. You can browse subfolders while the remaining data loads in the folder.
    2. Files with standard columns in the file list.
    3. Information in custom columns. You can add more custom columns and maintain the same browsing speed.

    When you select a file and switch between the Bill of Materials, Contains, and Where Used tabs, SOLIDWORKS PDM loads the data in the tabs in the background. When you switch to a different file or folder, the background loading stops and loading of the new file or folder starts.

    Performance improves significantly for folders with a large number of files or for database servers with high latency.

  • The SOLIDWORKS PDM task pane tree refreshes faster and the commands in the SOLIDWORKS PDM toolbar are correctly enabled in the task pane instantaneously when you select a file.
    • Data in the task pane tree loads in the background.
    • When you select a file in the task pane tree, calls to the database are eliminated.

    In the FeatureManager design tree or in the graphics area, when you right-click a file and select SOLIDWORKS PDM, the menus are correctly enabled.

    When you select a file in the graphics area or in the FeatureManager design tree, the file listed in task pane tree is selected and the commands in the SOLIDWORKS PDM toolbar are correctly enabled.

  • You can perform the following actions faster:
    • Logging into the vault when you set a large number of files or folders for automatic caching.
    • Viewing the System History of a vault that includes a large number of items.
    • Opening a file from a folder that includes a large number of files.
    • Creating a new file or subfolder in a folder that contains large number of files.


  • Multiple load cases. You can use an optimized solution for distributed and rigid remote loads.
  • Linear/quadratec tetra. You can replace quadratic elements as linear elements in certain parts of geometry (especially in bulky areas with fewer surface irregularities) to boost solver speed and performance.


SOLIDWORKS Visualize supports and defaults to Live rendering mode. This can improve performance and reduce memory consumption for final renders.