The SOLIDWORKS PDM menu bar contains navigation buttons and menus of commands that can be performed for the selected file or folder.

While the menu bar appears for all SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer views, the options on the menus depend on:

  • Your user permissions
  • Whether you have selected a file or a folder
  • The SOLIDWORKS PDM view (File, BOM, or Search) that is active
  • Whether you or your administrator have customized menus by editing your user settings in the SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration tool

SOLIDWORKS PDM menu bar in Windows 10

Go to Vault Root Changes the right pane to the File View of the vault root folder.
  Actions Lets you perform actions such as checking files in and out.
  Modify Lets you make modifications to the selected file, such as changing its state.
  Display Controls how vault information is displayed in the file view pane.
  Tools Provides access to SOLIDWORKS PDM tools such as the Administration tool or Notification Editor.
Pin/Unpin Pins or unpins the SOLIDWORKS PDM menu commands.

When you unpin the menu bar, only the commands of the quick access toolbar appear. Click / to show/hide the menu bar.

Quick access toolbar Lets you select commands to appear in the quick access toolbar.
You can select only from the list of commands that have been configured by your administrator.
  Quick search box Lets you perform a search without setting up a search card. The list arrow in the quick search box helps you to specify the search settings.
Logged in as Lets you:
  • View the logged-in user and log out of Windows File Explorer.
  • Select a user interface language.
  • View the About information of the installed SOLIDWORKS PDM product.
Open search Lets you initiate an embedded search or open the SOLIDWORKS PDM Search tool.
The SOLIDWORKS PDM Search tool is available only in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.
Items Opens the Item Explorer dialog box.
Item Explorer is available after you install item support and configure the vault to provide access to items. Only SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional supports Items.