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CircuitWorks Options - PDM

Sets connection requirements for Enterprise PDM or PDM Workgroup.
You can configure CircuitWorks to work either with Enterprise PDM or Workgroup PDM integrations, but not both.

To display CircuitWorks Options - PDM, from the CircuitWorks Options dialog box, click PDM .

To display the CircuitWorks Options dialog box, do one of the following:
  • From CircuitWorks, click the CircuitWorks application menu , then click Options .
  • From SolidWorks, click CircuitWorks > CircuitWorks Options.

  Use SolidWorks Workgroup PDM Vault

Enables the Workgroup PDM integration. CircuitWorks searches the specified Workgroup PDM vault for component files. If found in the vault, CircuitWorks copies the latest versions to the local PDM folder and references the local files in the CircuitWorks assembly. See Using Workgroup PDM.

  • Login Name - User name for the PDM vault.
  • Login Password - Password for the PDM vault.
  • Vault Computer - Computer name where the PDM vault is located. You can specify localhost if the vault is on the computer where you run CircuitWorks
  • Copy parts from PDM Vault to - Local folder where CircuitWorks copies PDM vault files. Assemblies created by CircuitWorks reference components from this folder.
  Check SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Vault for latest files

Enables the Enterprise PDM integration. CircuitWorks gets the latest component files from the Enterprise PDM vault before using components in an assembly. See Using Enterprise PDM.

  Vault View Name

Available when Check SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Vault for latest files is selected. Specifies the name of the Enterprise PDM local vault view that CircuitWorks accesses. If you have only one local vault view, you can leave this field blank.

The Component Library component folder must be in the local vault view. Set Component Library folder locations from the Library options page.

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