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List Pin/Bolt Bearing Forces

The Pin/Bolt/Bearing Force dialog box allows you to list the forces in pin, bolt and bearing connectors defined in the active static or nonlinear study.

You can list axial and shear forces, and torsional moment for each pin, bold and bearing. The actual fastener used in the connection should be able to withstand these loads with a reasonable factor of safety.

You can perform a safety check for connectors to see pass/no pass results.

To list pin or bolt forces:

  1. After running the static study with pin, bolt or bearing connectors, do one of the following:

Right-click the Results folder and select List Pin/Bolt/Bearing Force.


Click Simulation, Result Tools, Pin/Bolt Force.


Click Pin/Bolt Force (Simulation List Result Tools toolbar).

  1. In Connector, select either the desired connector, or one of: All bolts, All pins, All bearings.

  2. Select a unit system in Units.

The list box lists the Shear Force, Axial Force, Bending moment, and Torque that develop in the selected connector.

The preload is included in these results.

  1. For nonlinear studies only, in Time step select the solution step for which you want to list the forces.

  2. To save the list as an Excel file (*.csv) or a Plain text file (*.txt), click Save.

  3. Click Close.


  • For pins, the listed forces and moments are those applied on the pin by the faces of component 1. Directions X, Y, and Z refer to the global coordinate system. A negative axial force resultant indicates compression, and a positive resultant axial force indicates tension.

  • The listed forces and moments are those applied on the bolt at the bolt head. The resultant axial force is always positive (tension). A zero or very small resultant axial force indicates that the bolt is loose.

  • When you select a row in the Pin/Bolt/Bearing Force dialog box, the corresponding connector highlights in the graphics area and the Simulation study tree. Press Shift to select multiple, consecutive rows. Press Ctrl to select multiple, individual rows.

  • To sort the data by column in the Pin/Bolt/Bearing Force dialog box, click the arrow at the top of the column.

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