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Advanced Motion Analysis Options Dialog Box

You can select advanced integration options in this dialog box.

To access the Advanced Motion Analysis Options dialog box:

  1. Click  Properties (MotionManager toolbar).

  2. Under Motion Analysis, click Advanced Options.

Integrator Type. There are three types of integration methods you can select for interpolation using the SolidWorks Motion solver:

  • GSTIFF (default)



Maximum Iterations. (Default value is 25.) Specify the maximum number of times the numeric integrator iterates in the search for a solution for a given time step. If the program exceeds this limit, a convergence failure is recorded.

Initial Integrator Step Size. Enter the first integration step size used by the variable step integrator. The initial integrator step size controls the speed at which the integration method starts, and its initial accuracy. You can run the simulation more quickly in subsequent runs by increasing  this value.

Minimum Integrator Step Size. Enter the lower bound of the integration time step. You can decrease the simulation time by increasing this value.

Maximum Integrator Step Size. Enter the upper bound of the integration time step. This is important if the integration method does not detect short-lived events such as impacts. Set this value to be of the same order as the short-lived events. If you set this value too large, some events can be ignored by the simulation.

Jacobian Re-evaluation. Drag the slider to select how frequently the matrix is re-evaluated. More frequent re-evaluation gives better the simulation accuracy at the cost of simulation time. If the model does not change significantly over time, you can use a smaller Jacobian re-evaluation option.

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