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Document Status Icons

SolidWorks Workgroup PDM compares the age of the local copy of a document with the vault copy, and displays the differences between them:

  • In the local view (next to the document icon)

    • Open in SolidWorks . Documents in memory

    • Your local folder of documents

      Specify in Options which local copy to compare to the vault copy.

  • During check in and check out

  • Next to references

  • Other places where it is convenient to know if there is a difference between the local and vault copy of a document

You can turn off this comparison feature in the local view. See Options for information on how to set this option. If you try to overwrite a newer document, a message alerts you.

Status icons in the local view might not be accurate during your SolidWorks session because documents change in the vault. To update the local view status, right-click in the local view and select Refresh View, or press F5.

Icons next to documents indicate whether one copy is older than, the same as, or newer than the other copy, as follows:

White line through a blue circle

The document does not exist in the vault.

White upward arrow in a green circle

The local view document is newer than the document in the vault.

White downward arrow in a red circle

The local view document is older than the document in the vault.

White equals sign in a gray circle

The local view document is equal to the document in the vault.

White star in a green circle

This is a new document or new document reference.

Exclamation point in yellow triangle

This is a warning that the document in the vault has been modified by another user and this document should not be checked in.

Solid icon

The document is open in a SolidWorks window.

Transparent icon

The document is loaded in memory but not in an open window.


Document name in orange

The document is read-only.


Document name in bold

The document has changed since it was last saved.


  • If you see the icon next to a document, this indicates that the document in the local view is older than the document in the vault. You do not want to check in the local view document because it would overwrite the newer version in the vault. In this case, you should update the local copy.

  • If you open or check out a document, the icon meaning reverses. For example, the icon next to a reference means that the document in the vault is older than the local copy.

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