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On the Projects tab in the VaultAdmin, administrators manage projects and project permissions, bulk check in, copying projects, and archiving.

Only vault administrators can create projects. Both administrators and users can create subprojects.

Project Commands

To create a project:

  1. Under Project Commands, click New Project.

  2. In the dialog box, type a Project name and Description.

    The Project name and Description can be the same, but both project and subproject names must be unique in the vault. SolidWorks Workgroup PDM checks that project names do not contain Microsoft reserved words or characters.

    Projects are sorted alphabetically by the actual Project name, not by Description, which affects, for example, the order in which project folders appear in the vault view and the order in which documents are printed in the SolidWorks Task Scheduler.

  3. In the Parent list, select:

    • <root level> if you want this to be a top-level project.

    • An existing project. The selected project becomes the parent of the new project. The new project is a subproject.

You can change the parent of a project or subproject. Select the project in the Project list, then select a parent in the Parent list.

  1. Click OK.

    The Project name, Description, and Parent are listed under Project information. If the new project is a child of a project, it is indented under its parent in the Parent list.

To delete a project:

  1. Under Project Information, select a Project from the list.

  2. Click Delete Project.

      You cannot undo a deletion.

  3. Click OK to confirm.

    The project is moved into the top-level Obsolete folder. Delete the Obsolete folder periodically through Windows Explorer. Workgroup PDM creates new Obsolete folders automatically.

Additional project commands

Bulk Check In.  Check in large numbers of documents to a project.

Copy Project.  Create a copy of a project.

Archive Project.  Archive or restore revisions of documents to a project.

Project information

Project information displays the Project, Description, and Parent of the selected project. To change project information, select a Project, edit the Description, and select a Parent. Project permissions are displayed for the selected project.

In SolidWorks or Solidworks Explorer, clients can choose in Select Labels for Display whether to display the Project or Description field in the vault view.

Archive directory on vault computer

Type a path and directory name to specify a directory where all archived revisions are placed. The folder must be in the vault.

Project permissions

You can set the permissions (read and write) for each user or group, on a per project basis. You can also copy project permission settings from one project to another.

Specific user privilege takes precedence over any access granted to a group. For example, if a group is given write access and a user who is a member of the group is specifically given read-only access, the user has only read access.

permissions can be more restrictive than project permissions.

Enable RW access for all administrators to give full access to administrators who use the Convert Workgroup PDM Files and Print Workgroup PDM Files options in the SolidWorks Task Scheduler.

To specify project permissions:

  1. Select a project under Project information.

  2. Under Project Permissions, click in the RO or RW column beside users and groups to assign Read-Only or Read/Write permission.

Subprojects inherit permissions from their parents. If you move a subproject from one parent to another, all permissions are removed from the subproject.

To use the same settings as another project, click Copy Project Permissions and set options in the Copy Project Permissions dialog box.

When you set permissions for a group, permissions for users within the group appear in lowercase (ro or rw).

To remove a permission, select it.

  1. Click Apply.

Clients need to refresh the vault view for new permissions to take effect.

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